Omelette of Potatoes with Parsley

For moments in which you do not know that to do of eating, always it is a good alternative the omelette of potatoes (Spanish omelette). I tell you the steps to continuing…


  • 8-10 medium potatoes
  • 10 eggs
  • Oil
  • Salt
  • Parsley


We peel, wash and cut into pieces the potatoes (type bakers) and reserve them in a plate.

We beat also the eggs and we they put salt to the taste and parsley.

We put a frying pan to the fire with oil and hope that he boils; when the oil is warm well we add the potatoes and do them.

Once done we remove the potatoes of the frying pan, drain them with the skimmer and add them to the well-trodden egg.

We return to put the frying pan to the fire with a trickle of oil to everage temperature. When it is warm well we spill the mixture of potatoes with egg and leave it to curdle a couple of minutitos for this side.

Past this time, we give him the return to the omelette with a plate and return to leave rennet-bag for this side a couple of minutes more.

With a clean plate (not the one that we use to give the return to the omelette) we give him the last return to the tortilla and serve.

In many occasions, when I beat the eggs I add a trickle of milk. This does that the omelette works out spongier … and one notices him in the flavor!!!! Very rich.


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