Sweet of Chocolate with Clouds

This evening I have become on something greedy and have decided to give free rein to a caprichito that was courting me for the head. I have done a few wonderful sweets of chocolate with clouds. I tell you like…


  • 70 gr. butter
  • 150 gr. brown sugar
  • 120 ml. evaporated milk
  • 100 gr. clouds
  • 75 gr. black chocolate
  • 300 gr. chocolate with milk


To put in a pan the butter, the sugar and the evaporated milk and to mix all good with a language up to leading to boiling (average fire).

When all good is disuelto to add the clouds. To continue removing with the language until they fall apart completely.

Once done the previous step, to add the chocolate punctured before (I did it to knife) and to wait for a couple of minutes without removing while melts. Past this time to remove and to withdraw of the fire.

Already finally, to spill the mixture in a mold that we will have prepared with kitchen paper (it will facilitate the desmoldado) and to cool in the icebox between 3-4 hours.

It does not harden completely and is the richest. Insurance that you them are too the house they will be grateful for it to you (and not so sin …).


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