Pasta and Rice

Spaghetti “to the Peasant”

The pasta is always a very crowded option in my weekly menu. Here I leave a recipe you of spaghetti that in house we are charmed with…


  • Spaghetti
  • 2 medium onions
  • 200 gr. bacon smoked
  • 1 big lettuce
  • Oil
  • Salt
  • White pepper


We put the spaghetti in a pot with abundant warm water and go out to the taste and we leave that are done during approximately 12 minutes.

Past this time we withdraw them from the fire and drain them, reserving the water of the boiling.

Before we will have bad the onion, the smoked bacon and the very thin lettuce.

We put a frying pan to the fire with a trickle of oil and saute the onion.

When the onion starts being gilded, we add the smoked bacon.

The bacon we must cook it very little and add the lettuce little by little, re-returning in order that it does not burn.

We spill a bit of the water that we had reserved of the boiling of the spaghetti and dust white pepper to the taste.

We withdraw the garrison of the fire and spill it on the spaghetti that we had reserved. We mix everything very well with help of two holders and serve.

Between the friends it´s very much successful because it is a plate little known and tasty.






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