Stuffed squids

2013-06-14 22.16.20


  • 4 medium squids
  • 200 gr. iberian ham
  • 1 cut into pieces onion
  • 100 gr. breadcrumbs
  • 200 ml. white wine
  • Pepper
  • Salt in scales
  • Olive oil

2013-06-14 21.20.46


To begin, we clean the squids within and reserve the tentacles. We withdraw the skin of the squid and reserve the fins (I asked my fishmonger of confidence for it).

We poach the onion in a frying pan with oil and stop to do until it is soft.

2013-06-14 21.37.56

We wet with the wine and allow that the alcohol should evaporate.

2013-06-14 21.39.06


We add the fins and the cut into pieces tentacles.

We season to the taste and incorporate the ham in bits.

2013-06-14 21.40.34


We remove well, add breadcrumbs to go well together and refill with this mixture the squids.

2013-06-14 21.42.07


We close the openings with toothpicks and seal to the plate with little olive oil, salt in scales and pepper. We gild for both sides.

2013-06-14 21.53.432013-06-14 22.09.43


We serve warmly.

We can accompany it of a small salad of lettuce and onion.


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